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Temperature and Humidity Data Logger

Temperature and Humidity Data Logger

Delicate with back-light touch display,measurement, display and data storage environment temperature and d humidity value per hour. Magnets and double-sided adhesive are embedded in the surface of the back cover, which can be easily attached to the metal surface or wall.

● Measure and display the temperature and relative humidity.
● The most perfect thermos-hygrometer for humidor, cigar, tobacco & wine cabinet, kitchen, baby room, incubators.
● Mini body design while huge digital display ensuring the easily carrying, and clearly showing the temperature and humidity data of what you care about.
● Rear installed with magnetism for being adhered on metal surface, and an extra adhesive metal plate to help in adhering even to wherever you want.
● Accurately measuring the temperature (Fahrenheit or Celsius) and humidity
● Cool touchable button to turn on the brilliant blue back-light, with huge digital that helps you to see it clearly even in the dark
● Magnet-mountable design to adhere to metal surface, and one adhesive metal plate provided to attach even to wood furniture and wall
● Daily high and low temperature and humidity records; hourly average date for last 48 hours easily to be checked at anytime you want
● Guaranteed 16 months long life battery provided.


● Temperature measuring range: 0~50℃
● Humidity measuring range: 10~95%RH
● Accuracy :±1℃(temp) ±5%RH(humid)
● Power: 3V CR2032
● Product size: D60 x H16mm
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