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Animal Temperature Telemetry

Animal Temperature Telemetry

Body temperature is one of the three vital signs of animals. Core body temperature measurement is widely used in life science, pharmacological analysis, pathological analysis, intensive care, sports training, battlefield treatment, agricultural breeding, and other fields. Due to the diversity of animal morphology, continuous acquisition of dynamic core temperature is a worldwide problem, facing many difficulties and challenges. Shenzhen Flamingo Technology Co,. Ltd has been working in the core body temperature measurement chip, biosensor, and microelectronic precision manufacturing neighborhood for more than 20 years, accumulated rich experience and is in the leading position in the industry. In order to promote the progress of human disease treatment and make micro wearable implantable medical and health devices come into our lives, a number of micro wearable implantable core temperature telemetry devices have been successfully developed.
Thank you for purchasing our miniaturized animal temperature measurement equipment. They are light in weight, sealed and waterproof. They can continuously measure and record the core temperature when worn on the animal's body. Data is transmitted to smart terminals such as mobile phones through Bluetooth to realize remote real-time monitoring.

According to the characteristics of the tested object, measurement methods such as inserting into the ear canal, inserting into the anus, swallowing into the body and subcutaneous implantation can be selected. The application fields are as follows:

① Medical research: pharmacological analysis, pathological analysis, dormancy research, circadian biorhythm analysis, thermoregulatory function analysis

② Animal test: core temperature measurement and recording of rats, mice, rabbits, dogs, dogs and primates

③ Animal breeding: animal breeding in zoos, family pets, dairy farms, pig farms and sheep farms.

 Continuous measurement and recording of core body temperature of animals in free state
 Temperature measurement range: 25.0 ~ 50.0 ℃, accuracy ± 0.2 ℃
 Measure the temperature of gastrointestinal tract, anus, tympanic membrane and subcutaneous skin
 Measure the transmission rate for 10 seconds, and 4096 groups of data can be recorded
 Mobile App "TempView" can monitors data of multiple thermometers at the same time
 Record data is wireless transmitted to the network address specified by the user,what-apps, wehcat, QQ, exports to Excel file by emails etc..
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