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How to connect to our Wireless Smart Meat Thermometer?

How to connect to our Wireless Smart Meat Thermometer?

Update Time:2022/8/23

How to connect wireless meat thermometer ?

For SH253D/P, Insert one 1.5V AAA battery into charging dock, and place meat probe into dock to get full charge in 10 minutes.

  1. Remove the meat probe from dock for use, otherwise it can not connect with Grill ProbeE APP.
  2. Download Grill ProbeE APP from Apple APP Store or Google Play, or scan QR code shown on user manual.
  3. Turn on Bluetooth, GPS, Network and Grant Location Permissions of your mobile phone at the same time.
  4. Click “+” or “Add Device” to connect the meat probe by selecting related Probe then plugin to complete Bluetooth connection.
  5. Insert the meat probe into food and monitor your cooking on APP.

Note: Make sure the safety line of meat probe is fully inserted into the meat.

What to do when Bluetooth connection fails ?

  1. Check if the meat probe is run out of battery, please get it full charge in the charging dock for 10 minutes.
  2. Make sure Bluetooth and GPS function of your mobile phone are turned on.
  3. Do not return to the home page of APP when cooking, otherwise it will lose Bluetooth connection.
  4. Remove the meat probe from charging dock, it will automatically reconnect in 6 ~8 seconds.
  5. If it takes a long time to reconnect, please exit the Bluetooth connection page on APP, insert the meat probe back into charging dock and take it out again.