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Core Body Thermometer User Manual


    Core Body Thermometer User Manual

    Update Time:2022/9/15

    Core Body Thermometer User Manual 

    According to the characteristics of the tested object, measurement methods such as inserting into the ear canal, inserting into the anus, swallowing into the body and subcutaneous implantation can be selected. The application fields are as follows:


    Medical research: pharmacological analysis, pathological analysis, dormancy research, circadian biorhythm analysis, thermoregulatory function analysis

    Animal test: core temperature measurement and recording of rats, mice, rabbits, dogs, dogs and primates

    Animal breeding: animal breeding in zoos, family pets, dairy farms, pig farms and sheep farms.


    ·Measurement range: 25.0 ~ 43.0 , ± 0.2

    ·Measurement rate: 10 seconds / recording interval: 5 minutes

    ·Store 4096 groups of historical data of temperature measurement

    ·Transmission distance: external 10m or internal 3M

    ·Mobile app monitors the measurement data of multiple thermometers

    ·Send excel record form to the specified address through the network

    ·Record forms, body temperature curves and other data presentation methods

    Preparation before use

    Install TempView App

     Scan the QR code or download the app TempView in Apple store and Google play.

    Activate SV223/SV224

      Capsule thermometer sv223 and implantable body core thermometer sv224 need to be activated as follows before use:

    Put the thermometer in the freezer of the refrigerator for 10 minutes, and the temperature of the freezer is 0 .

    Take out the thermometer from the refrigerator and immediately put it into a thermos cup filled with 40 to 60 hot water.

    Fifteen minutes later, take out the thermometer, and the app scans the device, indicating that it is activated. Otherwise, repeat the above operation.

    Charging of thermometer SV221

    External USB power supply or AAA battery can be installed to charge the thermometer, which can be used for 30 hours after 60 minutes of charging. If the key indicator is not on, it means that the battery is low-voltage and needs to be replaced. Remove the sv221 from the charger and start it immediately, waiting for the app to connect.

    Anal and oral temperature measurementFor SV221

    Disinfect the sv221 and sv224 temperature sensitive probes with alcohol cotton balls, apply lubricating oil on the top of the probes, slowly rotate and insert them into the anus of animals, or use sv221 to conveniently measure the oral temperature of animals.

    Select measurement method

    - in vivo measurement (for SV223)

    Capsule thermometer SV223 is swallowed into human or animal body to measure the temperature of gastrointestinal tract, which is the most accurate method for core body temperature measurement in the world.

    Implant subcutaneous measurement (For SV223/SV224)

       Users using sv223 and sv224 can implant sv223 capsules or sv224 temperature sensing heads under the skin of animals to measure core body temperature according to the following steps. Refer to attachment 2 capsule implantation teaching video.

    Measure the temperature of ear canalFor SV226

        Insert sv226 into the animal's ear canal and measure the eardrum membrane temperature.