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Pig Temperature Telemetry System

Pig Temperature Telemetry System
Pig Temperature Telemetry System
Pig Temperature Telemetry SystemPig Temperature Telemetry System
CategoriesAnimal Temperature Telemetry
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ModelPTTS Pig Temperature Telemetry System
FOB port深圳
Update Time2020-06-06
Detail Information

Functional characteristics

   · Pig body temperaturemeasurement range:  32 ° C ~ 43 ° C, ±0.2 ° C

  · Environmental temperature and humiditymeasurement:  -40 ~ 70 ° C, ± 1 ° C

  · Environmental humidity measurementrange: 0 ~ 100% RH, ± 5%

  ·Intelligent telemetry ear tag and Router wireless transmission distance: >60meters

  · Router supports NB-IoT 700/850/900Mhzdata transmission

  · Router and NB-IoT base station wirelesstransmission distance 10kM

  · Telemetry ear tag weight 9g, batterylife 2 years, waterproof class IPX4

  · Remote RFID input/output ear taginformation

  · Working environment: -30 ° C ~ 60 ° C

  · Steps counting, GPS positioning,automatic weighing function (future development)

  · Maximum topology of LAN: 32 routers, 256ear tags for each router wireless link

  · The master stationdownloads/stores/analyzes the temperature data of each

   collector node of the Router.

  · Real-time display of the bodytemperature curve and breeding status of the pig

   (disease, estrus, pregnancy, birth).

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